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A 90 million cubic feet/day capacity Molecular Sieve Turbo Expander (MSTE) Plant situated at the location of KTL-2 was installed in 1992-95 by Press Construction (UK) Ltd. MSTE Plant went into commercial operation in September 1995. This plant, first of its kind in Bangladesh, employs modern cryogenic mechanism to recover liquefiable hydrocarbons. The advantage of employing this mechanism is that an additional amount of Natural Gas liquids (NGL) in the range of 8-10 bbl/MMSCF is being recovered which would have otherwise remained unrecovered had conventional plant been used.

The present average condensate/NGL recovery from the MSTE Plant is around 18 bbl/MMSCF. The gas delivered from the MSTE Plant is fed through the 24 inch diameter National Gas Grid Line and JGTDSL.Of the total NGL recovered at the MSTE Plant is supplied as feed to LPG Plant of RPGCL to fractionate the NGL into LPG and MS (Motor Spirit). LPG is subsequently marketed by BPC in LPG Bottle/Cylinder. The condensate is Supplied as a feed to distillation unit of Kailashtilla Field and remaining condensate is sold to private refineries through tank lorries.