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P.O. Chiknagool, Sylhet, Bangladesh.




Tender Notice

Closing Date

  Amendment of Tender:

Ref.: Invitation for Proposal No.- SGFL/3WELLS/WLS/FP17-18/RE-TENDER, Dated: 02-11-2017

For procurement of Wireline Logging Services for Workover of (3) Wells (KTL-1, RP-2 and RP-6) at Kailashtilla & Rashidpur Structures

13-12-207 instade of 06-12-2017
e-Tender Notice:

Extension of Administrative buildings of Rashidpur Condensate Fractionation Plant (RCFP) at Bahubal, Habigonj

e-Tender Notice:

Painting Work of Buildings at Beanibazar Gas Field, Beanibazar, Sylhet

  e-Tender Notice:

Underground laying of electric at Head Office area of Sylhet Gas Fields Limited, Chiknagool, Jaintapur, Sylhet

  Painting work of Office, Plant area and Boundary wall at Rashidpur Condensate Fractionation Plant (RCFP), Bahubal,Habigonj. 11-12-2017
  Replacement of CGI sheet including other ancillary works at Company House of Sylhet Gas Fields Limited, Chiknagool, Sylhet 06-12-2017
  Tender for procurement of Slickline Operation Services for Workover of 3 wells (KTL-1,RP-2 & RP-6) of Sylhet Gas Fields Limited, Bangladesh. 27-12-2017
  Tender for procurement of Wireline Logging Services with equipment for Workover of 3 wells (KTL-1,RP-2 & RP-6) of Sylhet Gas Fields Limited, Sylhet Bangladesh. 06-12-2017
  e-Tender Notice:

Modification work of existing Rig Foundation for well no. KTL-1 at Kailashtilla Gas Field under SGFL, Golapgomj, Sylhet

  e-Tender Notice:

Construction of 5 nos tower and 1 no security post at MSTE plant area and KTL well no. 4 area of SGFL at Golapgong, Sylhet (Re-tender)


e-Tender Notice:

Maintenance work of staff residential quarter Polash-5, Polash-12, Purabi-14 and Purabi-23 of Head Office, Sylhet Gas Fields Ltd., Chiknagool, Jaintapur, Sylhet.


Procurement of Works of Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Testing and Commissioning/Calibration of Three(3) Petroleum Product Storage Tank (2500 bbl Capacity each) with Associated Facilities at Haripur Gas Field Premises on turn-key basis.

  Tender invitation postponement notice Ref: SGFL/RP-9,10&12/15-16/05

Tender for procurement, supply, construction & Commissioning of 6" DN high pressure gas gathering pipeline for:

Group 1: Wellhead of well No. Rashidpur-10 to tie in point of Rashidpur well No. 6;

Group 11: Wellhead of well No. Rashidpur-12 to existing Rashidpur field process plant; &

Group 111: Wellhead of well No. Rashidpur9 to existing Rashidpur field process plant.

To be announced








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